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Culpeper Co, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ball, Gent Samuel  26 Sep 1686Culpeper Co, Virginia I18606
2 Jones, Elizabeth  1705Culpeper Co, Virginia I48441
3 Powe (Poe) (Pou), Elizabeth*  Abt 1710Culpeper Co, Virginia I2170
4 Bartlett, Elizabeth  1716Culpeper Co, Virginia I100169
5 Ball, William  1718Culpeper Co, Virginia I18608
6 Ball, John  1720Culpeper Co, Virginia I18610
7 Sisk, John  1727Culpeper Co, Virginia I100168
8 Gosney, Henry  1735Culpeper Co, Virginia I87646
9 Moyer, Jacob II (?)  1739Culpeper Co, Virginia I51858
10 Garnett, James Sr.  5 Nov 1743Culpeper Co, Virginia I48438
11 Dove, Lucinda  1745Culpeper Co, Virginia I88429
12 White, Elizabeth  Abt 1745Culpeper Co, Virginia I7742
13 Roberts, Dr. John  1747Culpeper Co, Virginia I68457
14 Whatley, John  1748Culpeper Co, Virginia I94031
15 Gambill, Captain Martin Cleveland  9 May 1750Culpeper Co, Virginia I6236
16 Gambill, John  1751Culpeper Co, Virginia I6247
17 White, Phoebe  Abt 1751Culpeper Co, Virginia I48073
18 Ball, Thomas  1752Culpeper Co, Virginia I18621
19 Wash, Caterine Gross "Caty"  1752Culpeper Co, Virginia I84558
20 White, Mary  Abt 1752Culpeper Co, Virginia I48071
21 White, Elizabeth  Abt 1754Culpeper Co, Virginia I48069
22 Majors, John T.  1755Culpeper Co, Virginia I87089
23 Majors, Samuel Iremonger  1755Culpeper Co, Virginia I87091
24 Stapp, Achilles  22 Dec 1755Culpeper Co, Virginia I59634
25 White, Sarah  Abt 1756Culpeper Co, Virginia I48077
26 Fitzhugh, Susanna  6 Feb 1756Culpeper Co, Virginia I86880
27 Bourne, William  Abt 1759Culpeper Co, Virginia I47720
28 Gambill, Sarah  1759Culpeper Co, Virginia I60596
29 Copher, Jesse  Abt 1760Culpeper Co, Virginia I10747
30 Gambill, Thomas  1760Culpeper Co, Virginia I60595
31 Moore, Anne Henley  Abt 1760Culpeper Co, Virginia I93366
32 Lampton, Henry  25 Oct 1760Culpeper Co, Virginia I91384
33 Norman, Milly  1761Culpeper Co, Virginia I15001
34 Ball, William  1762Culpeper Co, Virginia I18623
35 Gambill, Henry  1762Culpeper Co, Virginia I60598
36 White, James Taylor  Abt 1762Culpeper Co, Virginia I48076
37 Powell, John  Abt 1763Culpeper Co, Virginia I55638
38 Roberts, John  1764Culpeper Co, Virginia I64149
39 Russell, Tabitha Adams  1764Culpeper Co, Virginia I41103
40 Smith, Elizabeth "Betsy"  2 May 1764Culpeper Co, Virginia I71919
41 Gambill, James  3 May 1765Culpeper Co, Virginia I60591
42 Strode, James  22 May 1765Culpeper Co, Virginia I89978
43 Gosney, Benjamin Coleman "Buck" Sr.  21 Feb 1766Culpeper Co, Virginia I81263
44 Sisk, Pluright  20 Jun 1766Culpeper Co, Virginia I10895
45 White, Ann  Abt 1767Culpeper Co, Virginia I48075
46 Moyers (Myers), James David* (DNA)  27 Mar 1767Culpeper Co, Virginia I822
47 Browning, Elizabeth Jane "Betsy"  Abt 1768Culpeper Co, Virginia I37580
48 Garnett, Elijah  1768Culpeper Co, Virginia I48431
49 Boone, Solomon  20 Jun 1768Culpeper Co, Virginia I11122
50 Moyers, David  1769Culpeper Co, Virginia I2210
51 Myers, Stephen  1770Culpeper Co, Virginia I72312
52 Jones, Gabriel  Jun 1770Culpeper Co, Virginia I85696
53 Gambill, John  1771Culpeper Co, Virginia I84559
54 Myers (Moyers), Susannah  24 Feb 1771Culpeper Co, Virginia I2212
55 Boone, Mordecia  Abt 1774Culpeper Co, Virginia I11152
56 Applebee, Sarah  1775Culpeper Co, Virginia I81271
57 Gambill, Jesse  1775Culpeper Co, Virginia I60586
58 Colvin, Margaret  2 Nov 1775Culpeper Co, Virginia I81264
59 Moyers, Amelia Elizabeth  Bef 19 Apr 1777Culpeper Co, Virginia I2213
60 Boone, Sarah  1778Culpeper Co, Virginia I11153
61 Wood, Darnold (Darnall)  Abt 1778Culpeper Co, Virginia I5837
62 Stone, John Thomas  24 Mar 1779Culpeper Co, Virginia I55395
63 Bohannan, Simeon  29 Nov 1779Culpeper Co, Virginia I42792
64 Moyers (Myers), Sarah "Sally"  1780Culpeper Co, Virginia I2214
65 Menefee, Frances  18 Jan 1780Culpeper Co, Virginia I84814
66 Partlow, Elisha  1785Culpeper Co, Virginia I84813
67 Harford, Catherine (dau of who?)  18 Jun 1786Culpeper Co, Virginia I75812
68 Corley, Nancy  12 Sep 1786Culpeper Co, Virginia I18391
69 Smoot, Mary Browning "Polly"  31 Dec 1786Culpeper Co, Virginia I5839
70 Van Dyke, Mary  7 Aug 1787Culpeper Co, Virginia I90644
71 Boone, Isiah  4 Oct 1788Culpeper Co, Virginia I11155
72 Utterback, Covington W.  1791Culpeper Co, Virginia I104731
73 Ricketts, Anthony B. (son of who?)  9 Sep 1792Culpeper Co, Virginia I9355
74 Dowdall, Matilda  16 Feb 1793Culpeper Co, Virginia I65227
75 Finnell, George  1796Culpeper Co, Virginia I96195
76 Shelton, Medley Jr.  30 Nov 1796Culpeper Co, Virginia I72361
77 Richards, Sarah Smock "Sally"  3 Aug 1800Culpeper Co, Virginia I61168
78 Glasscock, Hannah  2 Jun 1802Culpeper Co, Virginia I81159
79 Withers, Frances  1804Culpeper Co, Virginia I18525
80 Compton, Martha "Patsy"  1 Aug 1804Culpeper Co, Virginia I2864
81 Helm, Celia  28 Nov 1804Culpeper Co, Virginia I66074
82 Duke, John  Abt 1805Culpeper Co, Virginia I14600
83 Houghton, Elijah  5 Jan 1805Culpeper Co, Virginia I14690
84 Corbin, Lovell  14 Nov 1805Culpeper Co, Virginia I11866
85 Wood, Ann Dickerson  1807Culpeper Co, Virginia I18395
86 Ball, John W.  2 May 1807Culpeper Co, Virginia I18636
87 Thornill, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1808Culpeper Co, Virginia I78118
88 Compton, George* Washington Jr  4 Apr 1810Culpeper Co, Virginia I2738
89 Ball, Matilda  6 Jan 1811Culpeper Co, Virginia I18638
90 Rosser, Sgt. Silas Melvin  22 Nov 1811Culpeper Co, Virginia I89004
91 Garnett, Nancy (granddaughter?)  1812Culpeper Co, Virginia I48443
92 Partlow, Henry B. (or Willliam Dollins)  13 Jan 1813Culpeper Co, Virginia I14701
93 Madding (Madden), Scarlett W.  25 Jan 1814Culpeper Co, Virginia I55377
94 Clark, Adaway  13 Feb 1815Culpeper Co, Virginia I14609
95 Corran, Rachel  21 Feb 1815Culpeper Co, Virginia I14646
96 Compton, Aylette Reynolds Yates  10 Sep 1816Culpeper Co, Virginia I14699
97 Ricketts, Lucinda M.  23 Dec 1816Culpeper Co, Virginia I96231
98 Wood, Mildred Tomson  17 Jan 1817Culpeper Co, Virginia I6069
99 Bywaters, Eliza F  16 Jul 1817Culpeper Co, Virginia I18078
100 Jett, Gabriel  1818Culpeper Co, Virginia I18330

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 White (Whyte), James Taylor*  1747Culpeper Co, Virginia I26352
2 Jones, Elizabeth  Aft 1752Culpeper Co, Virginia I48441
3 Courts, Charity  Aft 1753Culpeper Co, Virginia I93368
4 Kirk, Elizabeth  1768Culpeper Co, Virginia I64153
5 Gibbs, John  16 Sep 1773Culpeper Co, Virginia I47538
6 Gibbs, Zachariah  16 Sep 1773Culpeper Co, Virginia I47960
7 Roberts, George  1775Culpeper Co, Virginia I64152
8 Bohannan, Elliott  Abt May 1781Culpeper Co, Virginia I42691
9 Maddox, John  25 May 1785Culpeper Co, Virginia I48097
10 Dyson, Mary  16 Apr 1787Culpeper Co, Virginia I48098
11 Compton, Zachariah*  1790Culpeper Co, Virginia I2765
12 Bourne, Andrew  Bef 18 Jan 1790Culpeper Co, Virginia I91849
13 Morton, Jane  Abt 1800Culpeper Co, Virginia I91850
14 Gordon, Churchill  1802Culpeper Co, Virginia I65047
15 Withers, Mary  1807Culpeper Co, Virginia I18502
16 Middleton, Mary* Ann  31 Jul 1811Culpeper Co, Virginia I2767
17 Duke, William*  1818Culpeper Co, Virginia I2743
18 Bartlett, Elizabeth  1825Culpeper Co, Virginia I100169
19 Pickett, Sarah  Mar 1825Culpeper Co, Virginia I89438
20 Yates, James  21 Sep 1828Culpeper Co, Virginia I14684
21 Gambill, Sarah  1830Culpeper Co, Virginia I60596
22 Orear, Margaret  1834Culpeper Co, Virginia I36555
23 Stout, Elijah  1837Culpeper Co, Virginia I90641
24 Compton, George* Washington Sr  Bef Jun 1843Culpeper Co, Virginia I2741
25 Applebee, Sarah  1845Culpeper Co, Virginia I81271
26 Wood, James  10 Jan 1858Culpeper Co, Virginia I5838
27 Glasscock, James  2 Apr 1860Culpeper Co, Virginia I42932
28 Bywaters, Eliza F  27 Feb 1876Culpeper Co, Virginia I18078
29 Kibler, Geneva F. "G"  4 Jun 2011Culpeper Co, Virginia I96197


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Corder, Vincent  1830Culpeper Co, Virginia I37906
2 Cowgill, Tacy  1830Culpeper Co, Virginia I37892


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 White, James* Taylor  20 Jul 1762Culpeper Co, Virginia I2169
2 Wiseman, William  19 Jan 1764Culpeper Co, Virginia I48063
3 Sisk, Martin  13 Oct 1780Culpeper Co, Virginia I47585
4 Sisk, Martin  Jan 1781Culpeper Co, Virginia I47585


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 White, James* Taylor  1749Culpeper Co, Virginia I2169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Moyers, Christopher* Jr  Abt 1750Culpeper Co, Virginia I825
2 Wiseman, William  May 1763Culpeper Co, Virginia I48063
3 Duke, William*  Aft 1795Culpeper Co, Virginia I2743
4 Wood, Dickerson* Jr  Aft 1803Culpeper Co, Virginia I5827


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Maddox, John  19 Oct 1785Culpeper Co, Virginia I48097
2 Dyson, Mary  1787Culpeper Co, Virginia I48098
3 Bourne, Andrew  18 Jan 1790Culpeper Co, Virginia I91849
4 Pickett, John Seymour  9 Jul 1803Culpeper Co, Virginia I89420


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Garnett / Jones  Bef 1733Culpeper Co, Virginia F16005
2 Bourne / Morton  1740Culpeper Co, Virginia F30822
3 White / Davenport  Abt 1756Culpeper Co, Virginia F1046
4 Gambill / Washington  Abt 1758Culpeper Co, Virginia F2629
5 Lewis / Buford  1762Culpeper Co, Virginia F35620
6 Wiseman / Davenport  Abt 1762Culpeper Co, Virginia F15881
7 Cole / Davenport  Aft 1762Culpeper Co, Virginia F15880
8 Garnett / Rowe  Abt 1764Culpeper Co, Virginia F16002
9 Corley / Maddox  14 Jan 1775Culpeper Co, Virginia F15891
10 Stone / Smith  Abt 1778Culpeper Co, Virginia F12703
11 Bourne / Neavill  Abt 1784Culpeper Co, Virginia F15768
12 Roberts / Hawley  Abt 1784Culpeper Co, Virginia F20730
13 Nall / Gambill  21 Mar 1785Culpeper Co, Virginia F19849
14 Raisor / Snyder  6 Feb 1786Culpeper Co, Virginia F12385
15 Berger / Boone  1789Culpeper Co, Virginia F4225
16 Gosney / Applebee  2 Mar 1789Culpeper Co, Virginia F26564
17 Thompson / Boone  22 May 1792Culpeper Co, Virginia F4224
18 Corder / Tapp  25 Dec 1792Culpeper Co, Virginia F31137
19 Compton / Duke  Abt 1794Culpeper Co, Virginia F1310
20 Withers / Spencer  21 Feb 1794Culpeper Co, Virginia F2522
21 Poe / Doggett  23 Oct 1794Culpeper Co, Virginia F21078
22 Duke / McDougle  14 Nov 1799Culpeper Co, Virginia F4047
23 Compton / Yates  3 Nov 1800Culpeper Co, Virginia F1331
24 Moulden (Moreland) / Duke  12 Mar 1804Culpeper Co, Virginia F4045
25 Settle / Pickett  14 Aug 1804Culpeper Co, Virginia F29780
26 Jett / Wood  20 May 1815Culpeper Co, Virginia F6737
27 Willis / Duke  Abt 1825Culpeper Co, Virginia F1439
28 Porter / Withers  15 Mar 1827Culpeper Co, Virginia F6852
29 Duke / Ramey  24 Jul 1828Culpeper Co, Virginia F4049
30 Duke / Menefee  31 Dec 1829Culpeper Co, Virginia F4046
31 Houghton / Compton  17 Jan 1830Culpeper Co, Virginia F5509
32 Lippencott / Wood  19 Sep 1839Culpeper Co, Virginia F2585
33 Compton / Compton  12 Dec 1894Culpeper Co, Virginia F5520
34 Bowen / Compton  22 Mar 1927Culpeper Co, Virginia F12066
35 Martin / Compton  25 Oct 1958Culpeper Co, Virginia F32355

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