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Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts


Latitude: 42.46676300000001, Longitude: -70.94949380000003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Abigail  25 Jul 1696Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96666
2 Baker, Abigail  19 Jul 1701Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96668
3 Baker, Edward  Abt 1652Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96644
4 Baker, Edward  16 Jul 1696Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96708
5 Baker, Elizabeth  29 Mar 1702Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96714
6 Baker, Hannah  17 Aug 1693Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96664
7 Baker, John  1645Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96650
8 Baker, John  27 Aug 1710Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96671
9 Baker, Joseph  9 Nov 1704Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96715
10 Baker, Marshall  5 Mar 1707Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96716
11 Baker, Mary  1 Apr 1642Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96649
12 Baker, Mary  24 Apr 1686Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96710
13 Baker, Mary  15 Jul 1695Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96665
14 Baker, Mary  19 May 1700Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96669
15 Baker, Rebecca  1 Oct 1692Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96712
16 Baker, Ruth  7 Jul 1699Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96713
17 Baker, Ruth  12 Jan 1708Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96670
18 Baker, Sarah  18 Jan 1688Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96711
19 Baker, Thomas  1653Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96651
20 Baker, Thomas  11 Aug 1692Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96663
21 Baker, Thomas  14 Sep 1697Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96667
22 Baker, Timothy  1647Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96648
23 Ballard, Esther  28 Oct 1632Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I27805
24 Ballard, Mary  13 Jun 1666Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I29888
25 Benighton, Mary  1675Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96791
26 Chadwell, Ruth  1640Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96526
27 Cheever, Abijah  11 Dec 1718Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96693
28 Cheever, Abner  24 Jan 1726Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96695
29 Cheever, Edward  2 May 1717Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96692
30 Cheever, Elizabeth  16 Aug 1727Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96696
31 Cheever, Ezekiel  25 Mar 1714Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96690
32 Cheever, Ezekiel  Abt 1739Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96730
33 Cheever, John  13 Jun 1720Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96694
34 Cheever, Joshua  4 Oct 1715Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96691
35 Cheever, Mary  10 Apr 1722Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I79861
36 Cheever, Sarah*  14 Feb 1724Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I57789
37 Cheever, William  21 May 1708Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96726
38 Cheever, William  22 Dec 1728Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96728
39 Collins, Anna  1695Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96789
40 Collins, Benjamin  1644Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96779
41 Collins, Benjamin  1684Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96786
42 Collins, Elizabeth  1682Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96785
43 Collins, Hannah  1636Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96755
44 Collins, Joseph  1640Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96759
45 Collins, Mary  1642Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96762
46 Collins, Priscilla  1679Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96784
47 Collins, Richard  1689Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96787
48 Collins, Sarah  1692Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96788
49 Collins, Susannah  9 Jul 1674Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96781
50 Collins, William  14 Oct 1676Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96782
51 Hart, Mary  1681Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96561
52 Haven, Moses  20 May 1667Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I29887
53 Haven, Richard  08 Jan 1692Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I29885
54 Jenckes, Daniel  19 Apr 1663Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I2106
55 Johnson, David  Abt 1665Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96768
56 Johnson, Elizabeth  16 Dec 1672Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96774
57 Johnson, Hannah  15 May 1671Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96597
58 Johnson, Mary  19 Jan 1665Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96770
59 Johnson, Mary  25 May 1669Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96772
60 Johnson, Richard  1664Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96767
61 Johnson, Richard  8 Nov 1674Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96775
62 Johnson, Ruth  6 Mar 1678Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96776
63 Johnson, Samuel  1640Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96763
64 Johnson, Samuel  18 Nov 1667Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96771
65 Johnson, Samuel  25 May 1669Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96773
66 Johnson, Samuel  18 Mar 1679Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96778
67 Kirkland, Hannah  15 Apr 1652Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I29737
68 Lewis, Hannah  22 Jan 1686Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96639
69 Mansfield, (8 children)  Between 1650 and 1672Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96592
70 Mansfield, (child)  Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96594
71 Mansfield, (child)  Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96595
72 Mansfield, (twin1)  25 Oct 1680Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96572
73 Mansfield, (twin2)  25 Oct 1680Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96571
74 Mansfield, Abigail  1739Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96538
75 Mansfield, Anna  16 Jul 1693Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96568
76 Mansfield, Anna  1748Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96546
77 Mansfield, Cheever  25 Dec 1755Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96517
78 Mansfield, Daniel  9 Jun 1669Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96596
79 Mansfield, Deborah  21 Apr 1686Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96555
80 Mansfield, Elizabeth  Jun 1659Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96552
81 Mansfield, Elizabeth  6 Feb 1679Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96562
82 Mansfield, Elizabeth  1733Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96540
83 Mansfield, Elizabeth  21 Jun 1777Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96514
84 Mansfield, Hannah  12 Aug 1727Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96575
85 Mansfield, Isaac  22 Jan 1695Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96564
86 Mansfield, Isaac  22 Sep 1753Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96515
87 Mansfield, James  6 May 1765Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96516
88 Mansfield, John  15 Oct 1688Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96565
89 Mansfield, John Jr.  29 Jun 1750Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96511
90 Mansfield, John*  19 Feb 1721Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I57788
91 Mansfield, Jonathan  1 May 1772Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96512
92 Mansfield, Jonathan*  26 Feb 1690Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96518
93 Mansfield, Joseph  18 Aug 1681Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96560
94 Mansfield, Joseph  1731Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96539
95 Mansfield, Joseph  1741Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96543
96 Mansfield, Joseph* Jr.  20 Mar 1661Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96520
97 Mansfield, Lucy  27 Aug 1759Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96513
98 Mansfield, Martha  1 Feb 1704Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96570
99 Mansfield, Martha  1753Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96547
100 Mansfield, Martha  6 Jul 1763Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96509

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Abigail  8 Aug 1696Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96666
2 Baker, Edward (immigrant)  16 Mar 1687Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96645
3 Baker, Joan (or Jane) (..)  9 Apr 1693Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96646
4 Baker, John  4 Mar 1711Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96671
5 Baker, Mary* (..) (widow of who?)  10 Apr 1753Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I57791
6 Baker, Thomas  2 Sep 1692Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96663
7 Benighton, Mary  25 Jul 1763Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96791
8 Chadwell, Ruth  20 Jul 1719Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96526
9 Cheever, Abner  22 Apr 1796Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96695
10 Cheever, Sarah*  15 Mar 1780Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I57789
11 Cheever, Thomas B.*  8 Nov 1753Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I57790
12 Cheever, William  Between 13 May 1748 and 19 Sep 1748Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96726
13 Cheever, William  Aft 1760Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96728
14 Collins, Benjamin  Aft 1695Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96779
15 Collins, Henry* (immigrant)  20 Feb 1687Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96558
16 Collins, Joseph  Bef 4 Feb 1734Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96759
17 Collins, Mary  9 Feb 1682Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96762
18 Collins, William  16 Oct 1676Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96782
19 Gardner, Margaret M.  30 Jan 1917Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I60039
20 Gedney(?) or Townsend(?), Bethia  2 Jul 1672Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96591
21 Hart, Mary  3 Nov 1769Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96561
22 Holyoke, Edward (immigrant)  4 May 1660Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I103053
23 Jenckes, Elizabeth (..)  Jul 1679Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I70034
24 Jenckes, Joseph I (immigrant)  16 Mar 1683Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I70033
25 Johnson, Elizabeth  1689Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96774
26 Johnson, Hannah  6 Sep 1714Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96597
27 Johnson, Mary  14 Jun 1569Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96772
28 Johnson, Mary  1668Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96770
29 Johnson, Samuel  Mar 1668Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96771
30 Johnson, Samuel  1723Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96763
31 Joslin, Eva Ophelia  30 May 1921Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I50062
32 Kirtland (or Kirkland), Priscilla Ann  28 Oct 1676Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96780
33 Lawes-Neal, Mary  27 Jun 1681Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96593
34 Leach-Putnam, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1711Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96783
35 Leasing (or Leazing), Joan* (immigrant)  24 Oct 1674Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96524
36 Mansfield, (child)  Aft 20 Apr 1667Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96595
37 Mansfield, (child)  Aft 1667Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96594
38 Mansfield, (twin1)  25 Oct 1680Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96572
39 Mansfield, Abigail  20 Nov 1763Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96538
40 Mansfield, Andrew (immigrant)  Between 19 Nov 1683 and 28 Nov 1683Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96583
41 Mansfield, Daniel  11 Jun 1728Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96596
42 Mansfield, Elizabeth  Aft 1694Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96552
43 Mansfield, Elizabeth  Bef 1739Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96562
44 Mansfield, Hannah  Bef 1763Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96575
45 Mansfield, Isaac  20 Dec 1760Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96564
46 Mansfield, John (immigrant)  16 Oct 1671Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96584
47 Mansfield, John*  Bef 29 Apr 1809Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I57788
48 Mansfield, Jonathan*  1 Mar 1728Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96518
49 Mansfield, Joseph  1731Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96539
50 Mansfield, Joseph  1769Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96543
51 Mansfield, Joseph  12 May 1772Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96560
52 Mansfield, Joseph* (immigrant)  22 Apr 1694Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I57811
53 Mansfield, Joseph* Jr.  2 Jun 1739Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96520
54 Mansfield, Mary  Bef 1739Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96569
55 Mansfield, Robert  7 Dec 1755Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96522
56 Mansfield, Robert* (immigrant)  16 Dec 1666Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96579
57 Mansfield, Samuel  6 Dec 1719Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96790
58 Mansfield, Sarah  Bef 1739Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96566
59 Mansfield, Sarah  Bef 1767Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96507
60 Marshall, Edmund* (immigrant)  Aft 1668Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96604
61 Marshall, Milicent* (..)  Aft 1668Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96605
62 Marshall, Rebecca (..)*  Aug 1693Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96603
63 Marshall, Thomas* (immigrant)  23 Dec 1689Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96602
64 Needham, Daniel  5 Nov 1717Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96525
65 Needham, Edmund* (immigrant)  16 May 1677Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96523
66 Needham, Elizabeth*  25 Feb 1662Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96521
67 Newhall, Elijah  7 Nov 1750Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I79862
68 Newhall, Mary  20 Jul 1776Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I79863
69 Quint, George Washington  9 Dec 1905Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I60038
70 Rand, Mary  16 Mar 1784Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96537
71 Stocker, Ebenezer*  2 Nov 1704Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96599
72 Stocker, Martha R.*  1 Mar 1728Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96519
73 Stocker, Sarah  Bef 1681Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96634
74 Stocker, Thomas  27 Jan 1753Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96601
75 Williams, Elizabeth*  15 Jun 1730Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I57810


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Collins, Joseph  4 Feb 1734Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96759


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Baker, Edward (immigrant)  1630Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96645
2 Mansfield, Andrew (immigrant)  1638Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96583
3 Mansfield, John (immigrant)  1638Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96584
4 Mansfield, Robert* (immigrant)  Abt 1640Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96579
5 Needham, Edmund* (immigrant)  Bef 1639Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96523


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Baker, Edward (immigrant)  14 Mar 1638Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96645
2 Johnson, Samuel  Between 1703 and 1704Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96763
3 Mansfield, (child)  20 Apr 1667Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96594
4 Mansfield, (child)  20 Apr 1667Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96595
5 Mansfield, Elizabeth  20 Apr 1667Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96552
6 Mansfield, John (immigrant)  1643Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96584
7 Mansfield, Joseph* Jr.  20 Apr 1667Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96520


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Samuel  1685Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96763


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Baker, Edward (immigrant)  Bef 1687Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96645
2 Baker, Joan (or Jane) (..)  Bef 1687Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96646
3 Mowry, Roger (immigrant)  Bef 1646Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I14100
4 Pray, Quintin* (immigrant)  1647Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I1919


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Baker, Edward (immigrant)  16 Oct 1685Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96645
2 Chadwell, Ruth  13 Jul 1718Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96526
3 Mansfield, Daniel  Bef 11 Jun 1728Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96596
4 Mansfield, Joseph* (immigrant)  4 Apr 1694Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I57811
5 Mansfield, Joseph* Jr.  18 May 1731Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96520
6 Needham, Daniel  Jan 1717Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96525
7 Needham, Edmund* (immigrant)  26 Apr 1677Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96523
8 Stocker, Ebenezer*  14 May 1705Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96599
9 Townsend(?), Elizabeth* (immigrant)  20 Apr 1667Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts I96580


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baker / Brigham  23 Nov 1721Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32514
2 Baker / Marshall  7 Apr 1685Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32498
3 Bancroft / Newhall  20 Jun 1776Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F25989
4 Blaney / Mansfield  Abt 1750Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32477
5 Burrill / Mansfield  29 Jul 1725Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32475
6 Cheever / Baker  12 Jul 1712Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F19042
7 Cheever / Giles  28 Nov 1759Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32523
8 Cheever / Newhall  21 Jun 1750Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32522
9 Cheever / Newhall  8 Nov 1752Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32520
10 Cheever / Perkins  10 Oct 1745Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32518
11 Cheever / Waite  Abt 28 Jan 1728Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32521
12 Collins / Kirtland (or Kirkland)  25 Sep 1673Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32539
13 Collins / Leach-Putnam  5 Sep 1677Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32540
14 Fuller / Mansfield  13 Dec 1753Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32476
15 Haven / Ballard  20 May 1667Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F10473
16 Haven / Newhall  1644Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F10474
17 Jenckes / Ballard  1655Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F9740
18 Jenckes / Jenckes  Abt 1650Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F22654
19 Johnson / Collins  22 Jan 1664Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32534
20 Johnson / Mansfield  30 May 1710Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32474
21 Mansfield / Benighton  9 Sep 1707Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32541
22 Mansfield / Cheever  14 Oct 1747Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F19041
23 Mansfield / Gedney(?) or Townsend(?)  Abt 1650Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32484
24 Mansfield / Hart  4 Oct 1707Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32472
25 Mansfield / Jarvis-Burrill  12 May 1715Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32487
26 Mansfield / Johnson  14 Jan 1688Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32486
27 Mansfield / Lawes-Neal  4 Jun 1673Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32485
28 Mansfield / Morris  Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32483
29 Mansfield / Needham  Bef Jun 1652Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F19052
30 Mansfield / Rand  26 Nov 1730Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32466
31 Mansfield / Stocker  4 Mar 1713Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32458
32 Mansfield / Walton-Conant  10 Jan 1682Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32482
33 Mansfield / Williams  1 Apr 1678Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32459
34 Needham / Chadwell  24 Feb 1659Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32461
35 Newhall / Cheever  7 Nov 1750Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F25988
36 Parker / Johnson  6 Mar 1678Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32538
37 Ramsdell / Mansfield  2 Nov 1698Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32473
38 Spencer / Hills  17 Dec 1636Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F10409
39 Stocker / Lewis  13 Nov 1711Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32497
40 Stocker / Marshall  15 Jul 1674Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32488
41 Wheat (or Witt or Wait) / Mansfield  10 Jan 1675Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F19053
42 Wheat (or Witt or Wait) / Mansfield  10 Jun 1710Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32469
43 Witt / Baker  11 Jan 1676Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts F32500

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