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Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky



Matches 1 to 76 of 76

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bivins, Betty Jean  27 Feb 1930Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I79117
2 Bivins, Edward   I79119
3 Bivins, Eula M.   I79116
4 Bivins, James Earl  22 Mar 1933Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I79118
5 Bivins, Mary C.   I79115
6 Bone, John McWilliams  13 Mar 1813Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52126
7 Bone, Winfield Johnson  1838Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52127
8 Carey, Nancy  1811Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52058
9 Coombs, Samuel C.  10 Jul 1865Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I79112
10 Dukes, Charles Benton  1886Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52624
11 Dukes, Ellis Clinton  11 Apr 1890Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I93411
12 Dukes, Ettie  Feb 1894Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52644
13 Dukes, Frances M.  1850Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52074
14 Dukes, James E.  Oct 1883Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52640
15 Dukes, James Francis  30 May 1837Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52092
16 Dukes, James Rodney  29 Aug 1849Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53405
17 Dukes, John F.  10 Dec 1834Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52519
18 Dukes, Jonathan J.  Abt 1810Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52628
19 Dukes, Joseph A.  Jul 1877Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53407
20 Dukes, Josiah Whitney  1827Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52636
21 Dukes, Lily  1891Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52642
22 Dukes, Livono  1889Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52641
23 Dukes, Luraney  1848Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52073
24 Dukes, Maggie  Feb 1894Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52643
25 Dukes, Nancy E.  1848Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52070
26 Dukes, Otha Fonzo  31 May 1879Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53412
27 Dukes, Patience Mahala  30 Oct 1820Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52606
28 Dukes, Patsy  1839Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52067
29 Dukes, Raymond Atlas  19 Jun 1901Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I93403
30 Dukes, Robert Taylor  Oct 1875Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52091
31 Dukes, Sampson  1825Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52634
32 Dukes, Sarah A.  1834Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52630
33 Dukes, Silas  Abt 1814Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52614
34 Dukes, Temperance Jane  Sep 1836Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52062
35 Dukes, Wenifred  Abt 1820Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52638
36 Dukes, William A.  1829Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52637
37 Dukes, William Jackson "Billy"  1847Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52627
38 Grace, Francis Marion  2 Apr 1837Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52038
39 Grace, James J.  Abt 1832Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52061
40 Grace, Temperance Ann  1834Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52059
41 Groves, Green  Abt 1813Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52600
42 Groves, Jacob  Abt 1809Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52598
43 Groves, Jesse  Abt 1811Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52602
44 Groves, Sampson  Abt 1817Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52599
45 Groves, Temperance  Abt 1815Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52601
46 Johnson, Elizabeth  1 Sep 1816Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52109
47 Johnson, Lucy  Feb 1860Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52102
48 Johnston, Mahala  Aug 1839Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52089
49 Knight, Joseph Henry "Joe"  2 Apr 1867Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I51556
50 Latham, Emaline J.  Feb 1846Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53406
51 Loney, Elizabeth  Jul 1826Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I73911
52 Lyson, Ursula  Abt 1837Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I73904
53 Meredith, Wilbert Curtis  5 Apr 1926Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I79126
54 Oates, Geraldine Moncrief  21 Feb 1812Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I72201
55 Oglesby, Martha Lourainie  31 Mar 1882Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I83443
56 Owen, Nancy Louraine R.  1853Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I83442
57 Randolph, Frances Artelia  1858Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I66562
58 Randolph, Mary Elizabeth^  27 Jun 1840Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I51172
59 Randolph, Mathew Oates  10 Oct 1847Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I66561
60 Randolph, Nancy Ann  Aug 1845Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I66560
61 Randolph, Richard M.  1843Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I66559
62 Randolph, Vachel R.  9 Aug 1838Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I66558
63 Randolph, Zilpha Rachel  1835Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I66557
64 Randolph, Zilphia A.  16 Nov 1875Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I72519
65 Reed, Frances R. "Frannie"  15 Mar 1858Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I80711
66 Robertson, John H.  9 Dec 1858Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I105199
67 Sears, Hugh Dariel  11 May 1927Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I79120
68 Tyson, Mary Emily  15 Aug 1846Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I80715
69 Uzzle (Uzzell), James Tilbon  19 Jan 1864Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I73868
70 Uzzle (Uzzell), Sara Ann  1823Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I73912
71 Uzzle (Uzzell), Thomas Martin  Between 1825 and 1829Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I73913
72 Wells, Alfred  1812Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52565
73 Wells, Ephraim H.  1835Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52567
74 Wells, Harvey John  1840Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52513
75 Wells, Mary A.E. "Polly"  1838Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52668
76 Wells, Robert L.  14 Sep 1863Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53409


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Mary Miranda  16 Mar 1934Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I51423
2 Bass, Winifred  1839Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52506
3 Bone, John McWilliams  9 Aug 1897Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52126
4 Bone, Winfield Johnson  1909Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52127
5 Campbell, Elizabeth "Eliza"  30 Mar 1810Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I41102
6 Collins, Ann  1851Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52670
7 Dobson, Holly Perlina  Bef 1863Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52629
8 Dukes, Benjamin Franklin  1850Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52507
9 Dukes, David  Abt 1866Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52063
10 Dukes, Elizabeth  Abt 1825Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52595
11 Dukes, Frances C. "Fannie"  11 Nov 1926Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52619
12 Dukes, Jacob  1849Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52509
13 Dukes, James Rodney  17 Feb 1907Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53405
14 Dukes, Joseph A.  1901Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53407
15 Dukes, Josiah  Mar 1883Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53403
16 Dukes, Otha Fonzo  Aft 1920Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53412
17 Dukes, Robert Taylor  21 Jul 1951Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52091
18 Dukes, Sampson  Abt Jul 1837Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52021
19 Groves, Solomon  Bef 1824Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52596
20 Harkins, John  1870Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I51546
21 Jackson, Theodore Andrew  Bef 1910Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53411
22 Johnson, Alexander  Aft 1860Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52101
23 Loney, Elizabeth  1880Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I73911
24 Mannahan, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1920Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I51421
25 Mason, Zilpha^  1 Oct 1849Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I66564
26 McMahan, Elizabeth  Bef 1829Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52057
27 Moore, Nancy  Between 1860 and 1864Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53404
28 Oates, Geraldine Moncrief  20 May 1897Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I72201
29 Oates, Jesse^  10 Aug 1831Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I66563
30 Oglesby, Sidney Elbert "Sid"  29 Feb 1944Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I51422
31 Parker, Elizabeth America  20 Apr 1934Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53410
32 Parker, John Francis  3 Apr 1912Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53400
33 Randolph, Margaret  10 Oct 1855Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I80639
34 Randolph, Mary Elizabeth  24 Feb 1909Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I72205
35 Randolph, Matthew Burton  7 Sep 1916Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I66554
36 Randolph, Vachel R.  9 Oct 1869Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I66558
37 Reed, Frances R. "Frannie"  30 Oct 1939Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I80711
38 Stone, Corder Hampton  1884Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I19148
39 Underwood, Delilah Drake  Aft 1860Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I53402
40 Uzzle (Uzzell), Sara Ann  1880Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I73912
41 Uzzle (Uzzell), Thomas Martin  24 Aug 1897Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I73913
42 Uzzle (Uzzell), William Jackson  Mar 1876Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I73910
43 Vincent, Benjamin  Bef 1880Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52677
44 Wells, John Joseph Jr.  Bef 1850Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52679
45 Wells, Micajah R.  19 Oct 1851Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52669


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Dukes, James Francis  1880Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52092


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Dukes, Sampson  8 May 1837Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52021
2 Dukes, Samuel Jr.  15 Apr 1821Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky I52505


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allison / Vincent  19 Mar 1866Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17248
2 Bone / Johnson  10 Sep 1837Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17093
3 Dugger / Dukes  10 Oct 1899Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F19097
4 Dukes / Cope  7 Dec 1848Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17239
5 Dukes / Crabtree  19 Aug 1828Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17078
6 Dukes / Dillard  18 Apr 1854Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17237
7 Dukes / Dukes  Abt 1847Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17079
8 Dukes / Jackson  17 Jan 1897Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17480
9 Dukes / Jackson  15 May 1899Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17483
10 Dukes / Latham  4 Feb 1868Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17479
11 Dukes / Moore  6 Aug 1824Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17478
12 Dukes / Oglesby  5 Feb 1886Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17238
13 Dukes / Walker  Abt 1844Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17231
14 Dukes / Wells  Abt 1882Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17235
15 Gates / Dukes  5 Feb 1825Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17224
16 Grace / Carey  11 Sep 1830Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17075
17 Grace / Dukes  21 Dec 1852Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17077
18 Jackson / Parker  16 Dec 1869Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17482
19 Oglesby / Dukes  14 Mar 1839Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17068
20 Vincent / Wells  17 Oct 1844Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17249
21 Wells / Hill  1 Jan 1825Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17250
22 Wells / Jackson  Abt 1909Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17481
23 Williams / Dukes  15 Jan 1839Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky F17226

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