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Catahoula Parish, Louisiana


Latitude: 31.7053083, Longitude: -91.9099238


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Terry  31 Mar 1873Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I81167
2 Cornwell, Gordon   I83998
3 Cornwell, Joseph Columbus  14 Jan 1886Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I23001
4 Cornwell, Samuel M  14 Jan 1886Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I23460
5 Cornwell, Susan Annie  2 Jul 1880Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I76552
6 Cornwell, William A.   I83997
7 Duke, Mary Jane  16 Mar 1771Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I41097
8 Galvin, Martha A.  1836Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44385
9 Jones, Martha  1898Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I76623
10 Jones, Owen  1899Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I76624
11 Kirkland, John Joseph  15 Jul 1857Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I87021
12 Kirkland, Mariah Elizabeth  21 Apr 1860Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I23455
13 Ratliff, John Van  10 Nov 1844Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I101295
14 White, Syrena Dollarhide  1814Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I103386
15 Wiggins, Absalom (son?)  1813Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44408
16 Wiggins, Absalom Jr.  1850Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44414
17 Wiggins, Caroline  15 Jul 1831Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I561
18 Wiggins, Daniel "Old Dan"  1773Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44387
19 Wiggins, Daniel M. (grandson?)  1845Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I9772
20 Wiggins, Daniel Prairie  8 Oct 1797Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I14381
21 Wiggins, Daniel Xerxes Griffin  7 Apr 1839Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I14383
22 Wiggins, David  1842Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44412
23 Wiggins, Elizabeth Ann  9 Feb 1824Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44202
24 Wiggins, H.A.  1852Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44420
25 Wiggins, Hermes  1839Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44391
26 Wiggins, J.P.  1856Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44422
27 Wiggins, Jesse  1844Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44413
28 Wiggins, John  27 May 1817Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I14374
29 Wiggins, Martha A. (granddaughter?)  1840Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44380
30 Wiggins, Mary W.  28 Dec 1826Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44274
31 Wiggins, Michael Warren  26 May 1819Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44344
32 Wiggins, Susannah  1840Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44411
33 Wiggins, Uriah  1848Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44419
34 Wiggins, W.G.  1854Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44421
35 Wiggins, William  1813Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44415
36 Wooten, Alice G.  Abt 1858Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44400
37 Wooten, John Peter  Abt 1856Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44399


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, Terry  1875Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I81137
2 Carter, Elias  1 Aug 1842Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I81133
3 Courtney, Mary Ann  1847Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I85152
4 Davis, William Bankston  Aft 1880Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I23680
5 Duke, Mary Jane  1813Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I41097
6 Forman, Minerva Jane  15 Jul 1912Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I90111
7 Hinton, Jeremiah Robert "Jerry"  7 Aug 1946Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I58667
8 Hooter, Michael  17 Jul 1815Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I65581
9 Kirkland, Mariah Elizabeth  23 Dec 1900Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I23455
10 Truett, Martha Susan  Aft 1840Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44388
11 Whatley, William Wesley  25 May 1840Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44403
12 White, James Keitha  11 Nov 1859Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I85153
13 Wiggins, Mrs. (1st wife of Absalom)  Bef 1850Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44410
14 Wiggins, Daniel "Old Dan"  1 Jun 1834Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44387
15 Wiggins, Elizabeth  1863Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44402
16 Wiggins, Moses  Jun 1852Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44379


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cornwell, Walter L  1940Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I16278
2 Hinton, Jeremiah Robert "Jerry"  Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I58667
3 Hooks, Walter H. (son or relative?)  1900Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I76553
4 Jones, David L. (son?)  1900Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I76621
5 Stephens, Richard Paine  1830Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I1240
6 Stephens, Richard Paine  1840Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I1240
7 Wiggins, Daniel M. (grandson?)  1850Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I9772
8 Wiggins, Moses  1850Catahoula Parish, Louisiana I44379


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baker / Carter  14 Jun 1841Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F26512
2 Brown / Baker  4 Dec 1867Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F26513
3 Carter / Stone  15 May 1810Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F26511
4 Jones / Cornwell  17 Jan 1901Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F24872
5 Jones / Jones  1897Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F24885
6 Jones / Jones  1900Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F24884
7 Whatley / Whatley  Abt 1849Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F31643
8 Wiggins / Griffin  Jan 1840Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F5401
9 Wiggins / Whatley  Bef 1850Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F14740
10 Wiggins / Wiggins  Abt 1839Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F14751
11 Wiggins / Wiggins  Abt 1847Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F14750
12 Wiggins / Wiggins  Abt 1850Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F14752
13 Wooten / Galvin  1855Catahoula Parish, Louisiana F14745

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