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Providence Co, Rhode Island


Latitude: 41.8239891, Longitude: -71.4128343


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Jonathan  Abt 1700Providence Co, Rhode Island I70781
2 Angell, Alice  1648Providence Co, Rhode Island I69498
3 Angell, Job (son of who?)  Abt 1698Providence Co, Rhode Island I71003
4 Angell, John  1645Providence Co, Rhode Island I70236
5 Arnold, Amos  29 May 1721Providence Co, Rhode Island I107977
6 Arnold, Catherine  24 Sep 1735Providence Co, Rhode Island I7382
7 Arnold, Eleazor  Abt 1674Providence Co, Rhode Island I70042
8 Arnold, Elisha  9 Apr 1694Providence Co, Rhode Island I71002
9 Arnold, Elizabeth  1673Providence Co, Rhode Island I69703
10 Arnold, Martha  28 Dec 1721Providence Co, Rhode Island I91151
11 Arnold, Seth  26 Jul 1706Providence Co, Rhode Island I69490
12 Arnold, Susannah  Abt 1702Providence Co, Rhode Island I6834
13 Ballou, Anna  1 Mar 1756Providence Co, Rhode Island I107852
14 Ballou, Bathsheba Arnold  15 Feb 1698Providence Co, Rhode Island I2050
15 Ballou, Desiah F.  1854Providence Co, Rhode Island I69150
16 Ballou, Eleazer  12 Jun 1730Providence Co, Rhode Island I6841
17 Ballou, James  1652Providence Co, Rhode Island I2042
18 Ballou, James Arnold  1 Nov 1684Providence Co, Rhode Island I2046
19 Ballou, John  26 Aug 1650Providence Co, Rhode Island I6852
20 Ballou, John  26 Aug 1683Providence Co, Rhode Island I6868
21 Ballou, Jonathan  10 Nov 1723Providence Co, Rhode Island I6835
22 Ballou, Nehemiah  20 Jan 1702Providence Co, Rhode Island I2051
23 Ballou, Obadiah  6 Sep 1689Providence Co, Rhode Island I2047
24 Ballou, Phebe  9 May 1728Providence Co, Rhode Island I6839
25 Ballou, Samuel Arnold  23 Jan 1692Providence Co, Rhode Island I2048
26 Ballou, Susanna Inman  3 Jan 1695Providence Co, Rhode Island I2049
27 Bartlett, Danaris  1691Providence Co, Rhode Island I6810
28 Blanchard, Daniel Hall  4 Apr 1807Providence Co, Rhode Island I69180
29 Blanchard, Dorcas  23 Apr 1811Providence Co, Rhode Island I69181
30 Brown, Abigail  Providence Co, Rhode Island I107901
31 Brown, Abigail  3 Oct 1704Providence Co, Rhode Island I1966
32 Brown, Abigail  20 Feb 1743Providence Co, Rhode Island I107843
33 Brown, Chad  Abt 1640Providence Co, Rhode Island I1937
34 Brown, David  16 Jun 1741Providence Co, Rhode Island I107842
35 Brown, Deborah  Aft 1668Providence Co, Rhode Island I2104
36 Brown, Dorcas  Abt 1730Providence Co, Rhode Island I69690
37 Brown, Dorcas  Abt 1753Providence Co, Rhode Island I69695
38 Brown, Elihu  30 Apr 1750Providence Co, Rhode Island I107849
39 Brown, Elijah  10 Arp 1752Providence Co, Rhode Island I107851
40 Brown, Ephraim C.  2 Sep 1744Providence Co, Rhode Island I107845
41 Brown, Hope  22 Feb 1773Providence Co, Rhode Island I107895
42 Brown, Jabez  1697Providence Co, Rhode Island I91167
43 Brown, James  Abt 1647Providence Co, Rhode Island I1914
44 Brown, Baptist Minister James  1666Providence Co, Rhode Island I2100
45 Brown, James  1724Providence Co, Rhode Island I107891
46 Brown, James IV  1761Providence Co, Rhode Island I107900
47 Brown, Jeremiah*  Abt 1641Providence Co, Rhode Island I1911
48 Brown, Jesse  26 Dec 1760Providence Co, Rhode Island I107857
49 Brown, John  18 Mar 1662Providence Co, Rhode Island I2098
50 Brown, John III, Founder Rhode Island College (Brown U)  27 Jan 1736Providence Co, Rhode Island I107890
51 Brown, Joseph  1733Providence Co, Rhode Island I107889
52 Brown, Judah  Abt 1643Providence Co, Rhode Island I1932
53 Brown, Maria  1793Providence Co, Rhode Island I107969
54 Brown, Martha  Aft 1663Providence Co, Rhode Island I2102
55 Brown, Mary  Aft 1667Providence Co, Rhode Island I2103
56 Brown, Mary  29 Sep 1756Providence Co, Rhode Island I107855
57 Brown, Mary "Polly"  20 Jun 1800Providence Co, Rhode Island I77429
58 Brown, Nicholas Sr. (3rd child)  26 Jul 1729Providence Co, Rhode Island I107888
59 Brown, Brown U namesake Nicholas Jr.  4 Apr 1769Providence Co, Rhode Island I107894
60 Brown, Obadiah  Abt 1660Providence Co, Rhode Island I2101
61 Brown, Obadiah  Abt 1688Providence Co, Rhode Island I2109
62 Brown, Phoebe  Abt 1639Providence Co, Rhode Island I1933
63 Brown, Richard  1676Providence Co, Rhode Island I30444
64 Brown, Ruth  20 Oct 1754Providence Co, Rhode Island I107853
65 Brown, Sarah  30 Jun 1763Providence Co, Rhode Island I107860
66 Brown, Sarah  1773Providence Co, Rhode Island I107902
67 Brown, Sarah*  Abt 1657Providence Co, Rhode Island I1916
68 Brown, Stephen Jr.  31 Jan 1746Providence Co, Rhode Island I107847
69 Brown, William  1709Providence Co, Rhode Island I91161
70 Clarke, Weston  5 Apr 1648Providence Co, Rhode Island I91180
71 Comstock, Anne  13 Mar 1686Providence Co, Rhode Island I27704
72 Comstock, Anthony Sr.  07 Nov 1719Providence Co, Rhode Island I27762
73 Comstock, Catharine  19 Sep 1713Providence Co, Rhode Island I27759
74 Comstock, Daniel  12 May 1656Providence Co, Rhode Island I2598
75 Comstock, Daniel Jr.  Abt 1680Providence Co, Rhode Island I27705
76 Comstock, Daniel  19 Jul 1686Providence Co, Rhode Island I27743
77 Comstock, Elizabeth  18 Dec 1690Providence Co, Rhode Island I2606
78 Comstock, Esther  1722Providence Co, Rhode Island I27788
79 Comstock, Esther  Abt 1733Providence Co, Rhode Island I27775
80 Comstock, Gideon  04 Nov 1709Providence Co, Rhode Island I27757
81 Comstock, Hazadiah Jr.  09 Jan 1715Providence Co, Rhode Island I27760
82 Comstock, Ichabod Sr.  9 Jun 1696Providence Co, Rhode Island I2600
83 Comstock, Ichabod  1734Providence Co, Rhode Island I27787
84 Comstock, James  12 Dec 1733Providence Co, Rhode Island I27785
85 Comstock, Jeremiah  Abt 1728Providence Co, Rhode Island I27782
86 Comstock, Job Sr.  4 Apr 1689Providence Co, Rhode Island I2607
87 Comstock, John Sr.  26 Mar 1693Providence Co, Rhode Island I27748
88 Comstock, John Jr.  Abt 1716Providence Co, Rhode Island I27783
89 Comstock, John Jr.  1751Providence Co, Rhode Island I101178
90 Comstock, Jonathan  Abt 1725Providence Co, Rhode Island I27784
91 Comstock, Joseph  Abt 1730Providence Co, Rhode Island I27781
92 Comstock, Marah (Mary)  04 Apr 1685Providence Co, Rhode Island I27703
93 Comstock, Nathan  06 Dec 1735Providence Co, Rhode Island I27786
94 Comstock, Patience  Abt 1722Providence Co, Rhode Island I27773
95 Comstock, Penelope  11 Feb 1717Providence Co, Rhode Island I27761
96 Comstock, Rachel  09 Sep 1711Providence Co, Rhode Island I27758
97 Comstock, Samuel  1715Providence Co, Rhode Island I27780
98 Comstock, Ensign/Capt Samuel*  1654Providence Co, Rhode Island I2604
99 Comstock, Samuel* Jr.  16 Apr 1679Providence Co, Rhode Island I1899
100 Comstock, Sarah  Abt 1728Providence Co, Rhode Island I27776

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Alice  Aft 1795Providence Co, Rhode Island I69487
2 Aldrich, Peter Jr.  Aft 1770Providence Co, Rhode Island I27796
3 Angell, Alice  13 Aug 1743Providence Co, Rhode Island I69498
4 Angell, John  27 Jul 1720Providence Co, Rhode Island I70236
5 Arnold, Diana  Aft 1750Providence Co, Rhode Island I70018
6 Arnold, Joanna (immigrant)  11 Feb 1691Providence Co, Rhode Island I70174
7 Arnold, Sarah  26 Nov 1727Providence Co, Rhode Island I69475
8 Arnold, Susannah  Bef 25 Jul 1761Providence Co, Rhode Island I6834
9 Arnold, Thomas* Sr (immigrant)  Sep 1674Providence Co, Rhode Island I2594
10 Ballou, Hannah  Aft 1743Providence Co, Rhode Island I6798
11 Ballou, John  Abt 1714Providence Co, Rhode Island I6852
12 Ballou, Jonathan  2 Oct 1770Providence Co, Rhode Island I6835
13 Ballou, Maturin  Aft 1733Providence Co, Rhode Island I70043
14 Blackmar, James^  9 Aug 1710Providence Co, Rhode Island I69935
15 Blanchard, William  3 Sep 1833Providence Co, Rhode Island I69163
16 Brown, Alice (youngest dau)  1823Providence Co, Rhode Island I107904
17 Brown, co-founder Providence, RI Chaddus** (immigrant)  Abt 1663Providence Co, Rhode Island I1930
18 Brown, Hope  21 Aug 1855Providence Co, Rhode Island I107895
19 Brown, Capt. James II  1739Providence Co, Rhode Island I107886
20 Brown, James IV  1834Providence Co, Rhode Island I107900
21 Brown, John  19 Sep 1719Providence Co, Rhode Island I2098
22 Brown, John III, Founder Rhode Island College (Brown U)  20 Sep 1803Providence Co, Rhode Island I107890
23 Brown, John* (immigrant)  Abt 1706Providence Co, Rhode Island I1921
24 Brown, Joseph  1785Providence Co, Rhode Island I107889
25 Brown, Lorenzo Smith  1903Providence Co, Rhode Island I107985
26 Brown, Maria  3 Dec 1824Providence Co, Rhode Island I107969
27 Brown, Mary "Polly"  27 Feb 1825Providence Co, Rhode Island I77429
28 Brown, Nicholas Sr. (3rd child)  29 May 1791Providence Co, Rhode Island I107888
29 Brown, Brown U namesake Nicholas Jr.  27 Sep 1841Providence Co, Rhode Island I107894
30 Brown, Sarah  1846Providence Co, Rhode Island I107902
31 Brown, Stephen Jr.  23 Jul 1787Providence Co, Rhode Island I107847
32 Bull, Mrs. Mary (..) (immigrant)  Aft 1683Providence Co, Rhode Island I70877
33 Burlingame, Samuel  20 Mar 1740Providence Co, Rhode Island I92301
34 Carpenter, Timothy  19 Aug 1726Providence Co, Rhode Island I88900
35 Comstock, David* Esq.  27 Aug 1771Providence Co, Rhode Island I1897
36 Comstock, Esther  Aft 1770Providence Co, Rhode Island I27788
37 Comstock, John Sr.  12 Jan 1749Providence Co, Rhode Island I27748
38 Comstock, Samuel  16 Jan 1755Providence Co, Rhode Island I27780
39 Comstock, Samuel* Sr. (immigrant)  Between 1657 and 1658Providence Co, Rhode Island I2612
40 Comstock, Silas A.  26 Aug 1862Providence Co, Rhode Island I27564
41 Congdon, Penelope  Aft 1740Providence Co, Rhode Island I71001
42 Cowan, Celinda  27 Nov 1869Providence Co, Rhode Island I70083
43 Dexter, Stephen  1679Providence Co, Rhode Island I70211
44 Francis, Senator/Governor John Brown  9 Aug 1864Providence Co, Rhode Island I107906
45 Gardner (Gardiner), Mary  1704Providence Co, Rhode Island I77435
46 Griffiths, Abigail  9 Nov 1849Providence Co, Rhode Island I70106
47 Hall, Martha  30 Sep 1848Providence Co, Rhode Island I69164
48 Holmes, Mary* (immigrant)  Aft 1690Providence Co, Rhode Island I1922
49 Hopkins, Amos  1769Providence Co, Rhode Island I91291
50 Hopkins, Ezekiel Jr.  Aft 1760Providence Co, Rhode Island I69834
51 Inman, John*  6 Aug 1712Providence Co, Rhode Island I1903
52 Jenckes, Amos  14 Nov 1824Providence Co, Rhode Island I77408
53 Jenckes, Joseph  1784Providence Co, Rhode Island I70111
54 Jenckes, Marcy Ann  29 Dec 1868Providence Co, Rhode Island I77407
55 Jenckes, Patience  Aft 1730Providence Co, Rhode Island I27803
56 Jenckes, Rhoda  6 Dec 1783Providence Co, Rhode Island I107892
57 Jenks (Jenckes), William Arnold  27 Jul 1859Providence Co, Rhode Island I70101
58 Lancksford, Lucy  5 Dec 1816Providence Co, Rhode Island I91295
59 Mason, Rep./Dr. James Brown  31 Aug 1819Providence Co, Rhode Island I107911
60 Morin, Polly  6 Oct 1846Providence Co, Rhode Island I107984
61 Mowry, John  1730Providence Co, Rhode Island I107931
62 Mowry, Sarah  1718Providence Co, Rhode Island I69502
63 Olney, Lydia  9 Sep 1724Providence Co, Rhode Island I69934
64 Pray, Abigail  1875Providence Co, Rhode Island I77432
65 Pray, Emily Joesphine  1966Providence Co, Rhode Island I70780
66 Pray, Ephraim  17 Oct 1847Providence Co, Rhode Island I70842
67 Pray, Evelyn Adeline  1953Providence Co, Rhode Island I70779
68 Pray, Grace Marian  1970Providence Co, Rhode Island I70777
69 Pray, Hugh III  11 Dec 1853Providence Co, Rhode Island I69840
70 Pray, Hugh IV  29 Mar 1863Providence Co, Rhode Island I70082
71 Pray, James  9 Nov 1842Providence Co, Rhode Island I70090
72 Pray, Othenial  4 Aug 1863Providence Co, Rhode Island I70076
73 Pray, Pardon Potter  3 Oct 1921Providence Co, Rhode Island I70097
74 Pray, Patience  8 Jun 1883Providence Co, Rhode Island I70079
75 Pray, Richard* (immigrant)  1693Providence Co, Rhode Island I1917
76 Pray, Sarah  Aft 1790Providence Co, Rhode Island I70075
77 Pray, Sarah*  Aft 1733Providence Co, Rhode Island I1964
78 Pray, William  11 Oct 1883Providence Co, Rhode Island I70091
79 Rhodes, Malachi  Aft 1710Providence Co, Rhode Island I70970
80 Sayles, Catherine  21 Feb 1753Providence Co, Rhode Island I69944
81 Sayles, John III  2 Aug 1727Providence Co, Rhode Island I91147
82 Sayles, Colonel/Asst Gov. RI John  1822Providence Co, Rhode Island I91150
83 Sharparowe, Elizabeth* (immigrant)  1672Providence Co, Rhode Island I1931
84 Smith, Alice  19 Feb 1736Providence Co, Rhode Island I70030
85 Smith, Lydia  30 Dec 1881Providence Co, Rhode Island I69159
86 Smith, Sarah (dau of who?)  1825Providence Co, Rhode Island I107899
87 Tucker (?), Anne*  Aft 10 Feb 1667Providence Co, Rhode Island I2613
88 Wade, Charles  1883Providence Co, Rhode Island I77431
89 Walling, Elizabeth  Aft 1740Providence Co, Rhode Island I71012
90 Waterman, Mary  14 Aug 1826Providence Co, Rhode Island I91159
91 Wells, Lydia  1703Providence Co, Rhode Island I91172
92 Wightman, Mary*  27 Apr 1720Providence Co, Rhode Island I1904
93 Wightman, Mary* (..)  31 May 1718Providence Co, Rhode Island I1908
94 Wightman (also Whitman), Valentine* Bartlett Sr (immigrant)  26 Jan 1701Providence Co, Rhode Island I1907
95 Wilkinson, Joseph  24 Apr 1740Providence Co, Rhode Island I2080
96 Williams, James  3 Nov 1809Providence Co, Rhode Island I91158


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Inman, Edward* Sr (immigrant)  Bef 1648Providence Co, Rhode Island I1905


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Pray, Jeremiah  Abt 11 Dec 1853Providence Co, Rhode Island I70064


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Greene, John Sr.  27 Aug 1656Providence Co, Rhode Island I69947
2 Pray, John Jr.  20 Sep 1726Providence Co, Rhode Island I70832


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Aldrich / Aldrich  Abt 1803Providence Co, Rhode Island F22668
2 Aldrich / Arnold  1 Jan 1747Providence Co, Rhode Island F22449
3 Aldrich / Mann  6 Jul 1733Providence Co, Rhode Island F1074
4 Aldrich / Smith  Abt 1747Providence Co, Rhode Island F29536
5 Angell / Dexter  3 Sep 1678Providence Co, Rhode Island F22738
6 Arnold / Aldrich  Abt 1730Providence Co, Rhode Island F22455
7 Arnold / Ballou  16 Oct 1720Providence Co, Rhode Island F982
8 Arnold / Hawkins  Abt 1699Providence Co, Rhode Island F22660
9 Arnold / Mowry  1693Providence Co, Rhode Island F9709
10 Arnold / Sheldon  Abt 1737Providence Co, Rhode Island F22985
11 Arnold / Wilkinson  23 Feb 1746Providence Co, Rhode Island F36579
12 Ballou / Arnold  25 Jan 1714Providence Co, Rhode Island F975
13 Ballou / Arnold  16 Dec 1722Providence Co, Rhode Island F978
14 Ballou / Ballou  Abt 1675Providence Co, Rhode Island F21731
15 Ballou / Bartlett  5 Jan 1717Providence Co, Rhode Island F976
16 Ballou / Comstock  Bef 1880Providence Co, Rhode Island F9674
17 Ballou / Garrett  4 Jan 1678Providence Co, Rhode Island F2896
18 Ballou / Hall  21 Apr 1721Providence Co, Rhode Island F984
19 Ballou / Hawkins  Aft 1731Providence Co, Rhode Island F22659
20 Ballou / Inman  5 Feb 1713Providence Co, Rhode Island F2858
21 Ballou / Lovett  7 Dec 1716Providence Co, Rhode Island F972
22 Ballou / Newell  Abt 1826Providence Co, Rhode Island F22403
23 Ballou / Perry  Bef 1721Providence Co, Rhode Island F983
24 Ballou / Smith  Abt 1847Providence Co, Rhode Island F22335
25 Ballou / Wightman  25 Jul 1683Providence Co, Rhode Island F973
26 Bartlett / Inman  19 Dec 1695Providence Co, Rhode Island F2906
27 Blanchard / Hall  Abt 1796Providence Co, Rhode Island F22343
28 Blanchard / Seamans  Abt 1830Providence Co, Rhode Island F22347
29 Blanchard / Seamans  Abt 1834Providence Co, Rhode Island F22340
30 Brown / Alger  2 Feb 1755Providence Co, Rhode Island F35967
31 Brown / Binney  Aft 1783Providence Co, Rhode Island F36536
32 Brown / Harrington (Hearnden)  25 Dec 1669Providence Co, Rhode Island F919
33 Brown / Holmes  1654Providence Co, Rhode Island F926
34 Brown / Jenckes  1762Providence Co, Rhode Island F36535
35 Brown / Mason  1820Providence Co, Rhode Island F36543
36 Brown / Mathewson  Abt 1685Providence Co, Rhode Island F1000
37 Brown / Olney  Abt 1753Providence Co, Rhode Island F22517
38 Brown / Peck  28 Apr 1765Providence Co, Rhode Island F36510
39 Brown / Smith  Abt 1760Providence Co, Rhode Island F36538
40 Brown / Warner  Abt 1690Providence Co, Rhode Island F30497
41 Burlingame / Lippitt  3 Oct 1663Providence Co, Rhode Island F35693
42 Capron / Darling  10 Jan 1814Providence Co, Rhode Island F22592
43 Cole / Hunter  Abt 1744Providence Co, Rhode Island F22571
44 Cole / Pray  1797Providence Co, Rhode Island F22569
45 Comstock / Brown  23 Aug 1730Providence Co, Rhode Island F841
46 Comstock / Comstock  Abt 1708Providence Co, Rhode Island F9714
47 Comstock / Comstock  April 9, 1750Providence Co, Rhode Island F9732
48 Comstock / Jenckes  Abt 1714Providence Co, Rhode Island F9717
49 Comstock / Pray  16 Apr 1682Providence Co, Rhode Island F9711
50 Comstock / Tucker (?)  Abt 1650Providence Co, Rhode Island F1248
51 Dyer / Greene  Abt 1675Providence Co, Rhode Island F30493
52 Fenner / Sheldon  Abt 1720Providence Co, Rhode Island F22983
53 Fenner / Sheldon  Aft 1740Providence Co, Rhode Island F22987
54 Gardner / Ballou  1665Providence Co, Rhode Island F22657
55 Greabeak / Pray  Abt 1738Providence Co, Rhode Island F22910
56 Greene / Sayles  17 Dec 1674Providence Co, Rhode Island F22608
57 Greene / Sayles  22 Jan 1684Providence Co, Rhode Island F22609
58 Greene / Sayles  16 Feb 1692Providence Co, Rhode Island F22610
59 Gulley / Gulley  Abt 1738Providence Co, Rhode Island F22453
60 Hinds / Pray  Bef 1750Providence Co, Rhode Island F22566
61 Hopkins / Hopkins  Abt 1705Providence Co, Rhode Island F22846
62 Hopkins / Pray  Bef 1755Providence Co, Rhode Island F22567
63 Hopkins / Smith  1 Apr 1678Providence Co, Rhode Island F22731
64 Inman / Bennett  Abt 1674Providence Co, Rhode Island F22597
65 Inman / Wightman  Between 1669 and 1674Providence Co, Rhode Island F911
66 Jenckes / Hopkins  Abt 1800Providence Co, Rhode Island F22690
67 Jenckes / Jenckes  Abt 1745Providence Co, Rhode Island F22693
68 Jenckes / Lawrence  Abt 1727Providence Co, Rhode Island F9738
69 Jenckes / Smith  3 Feb 1727Providence Co, Rhode Island F22652
70 Jenckes / Sprague  Abt 1694Providence Co, Rhode Island F9739
71 Jenckes / Winsor  Abt 1761Providence Co, Rhode Island F22694
72 Jenks (Jenckes) / Brown  Abt 1780Providence Co, Rhode Island F22696
73 Jenks (Jenckes) / Griffiths  22 Feb 1776Providence Co, Rhode Island F22691
74 Mann / Arnold  29 Jun 1720Providence Co, Rhode Island F10694
75 Mason / Brown  16 Jul 1800Providence Co, Rhode Island F36547
76 Mowry / Inman  28 Sep 1666Providence Co, Rhode Island F1004
77 Mowry / Whipple  3 Jun 1695Providence Co, Rhode Island F22461
78 Olney / Coggeshall  11 Aug 1699Providence Co, Rhode Island F22869
79 Olney / Sayles  28 Dec 1692Providence Co, Rhode Island F22611
80 Palmer / Inman  Aft 1702Providence Co, Rhode Island F1006
81 Phetteplace / Mowry  4 Aug 1709Providence Co, Rhode Island F36561
82 Pray / Aldrich  1748Providence Co, Rhode Island F22890
83 Pray / Aldrich  Abt 1772Providence Co, Rhode Island F25143
84 Pray / Aldrich  1775Providence Co, Rhode Island F22568
85 Pray / Brown  14 Nov 1678Providence Co, Rhode Island F924
86 Pray / Cole  Abt 1756Providence Co, Rhode Island F22570
87 Pray / Cowan  Abt 1814Providence Co, Rhode Island F22684
88 Pray / Downing  Abt 1700Providence Co, Rhode Island F22919
89 Pray / Paine  Abt 1876Providence Co, Rhode Island F22685
90 Pray / Pray  Abt 1838Providence Co, Rhode Island F22923
91 Pray / Pray  Abt 1839Providence Co, Rhode Island F22924
92 Pray / Pray  Abt 1843Providence Co, Rhode Island F22920
93 Pray / Spencer  Abt 1824Providence Co, Rhode Island F22687
94 Rhodes / Arnold  7 Mar 1646Providence Co, Rhode Island F22715
95 Rhodes / Randall  Abt 1793Providence Co, Rhode Island F22991
96 Rhodes / Waterman  Abt 1686Providence Co, Rhode Island F22970
97 Sanders / Foster  Abt 1795Providence Co, Rhode Island F25132
98 Sanders / Tucker  Abt 1761Providence Co, Rhode Island F22680
99 Sayles / Comstock  1 Dec 1717Providence Co, Rhode Island F1254
100 Sayles / Hawkins  Abt 1755Providence Co, Rhode Island F2879

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