South Park High School


  • New School (from 1922 School Annual)

  • Lamar University's Past (Beaumont Enterprise, 8/24/09)

  • Sparky: South Park Mascot (with appendix - pictures)

  • The Fighting Greenies by Buddy and Jane Hebert

  • South Park Greenies Band (under construction)

  • South Park High School 1954 Heritage Page

  • The Death of South Park ISD provided by Angela Walker

  • The Last Class - The Class of '86, Photo and Graduation Program
    contributed by Stacy Leonard (Blankenship), Senior Class Vice-President
    and School Mascot 84-85 and 85-86


  • 'We bleed green'/South Park students, parents, alumni, fight to save their school
    by Richard Stewart, Thursday, 01/09/1986

  • Beaumont school seeks new 'home'
    by Richard Stewart, Saturday, 01/25/1986

  • Tears, singing, mark high school closing/South Park students, alumni exhibit loyalty
    by Richard Stewart, Friday, 05/30/1986

  • School trustees confront differences/Pains of past widen Beaumont racial split
    by Richard Stewart, Sunday 02/14/1993

  • South Park Neighborhood

    featuring South Park as Seen Through the Eyes of
    Buddy and Jane Hebert

    (*as published in the South Park
    Neighborhood Association Monthly Newsletter)


  • "Origin of South Park Neighborhood and Schools"
    (pictures added)

  • Alice Keith Park: "Remember when we could smell the roses???"
       Supplement: "Alice Keith Pool" "Depression-era pool going down the drain/1938 Beaumont facility will likely be replaced"
    (Houston Chronicle archives, Jun 1, 1997)

  • L. E. Bell Variety Store

  • Don Barton's Barber Shop

  • "Bowen Appliance - Dorothy & Al"

  • "Golden Arrow"

  • Highland Avenue Pharmacy (with appendix)

  • "Lamar Bank"

  • "Lamar Theater" (with Gallery)

  • "The Pig Stand" (with appendix and gallery)

  • "South Park Baptist Church" (with appendix)

  • "South Park Fire and Rescue Team"

  • South Park: The Fighting Greenies

  • Sparky: South Park Mascot (with appendix - pictures)

  • Exporters Stuart Stadium (now Stadium Shopping Center)" (with appendix)
          Supplement: YMBL Rodeo Began at Stuart's Stadium

  • "Taystee Bread"

  • Texas Coffee Company "Remember the Big Coffee Pot - Smell the Coffee" (with appendix)

  • The Trolly Came to South Park

  • "Uncle Joe"-"The Colonel"-Joe Vincent

    (with appendix: J.J. Vincent Retires)

    (*Appendices and supplements added by Sherry Sharp)